Monday, March 9, 2009

SIX days til court!

Things I want to do to keep my mind busy:

1. Make a memory book of a few photos to bring on our trip

2. Yet again organize the home for better efficiency. "if possible"

3. Get our taxes done.

4. Enjoy the moments of being a family of 4, soon our world will be "rocked"

5. Write a heartfelt letter to our new daughter for later on in life,(currently a work in progress in my head)

6. Continue my walking, swimming, eating healthier styles. (hard under stress)


Kris & Staci said...

Hey guys. Just found your blog on CHI's Ethiopian blogroll. We too were on the Vietnam wait list (for close to a year) and decided to pull out before the program officially closed. How hard that must have been to climb up to #1 and then the program closes. Just curious...saw that you guys had a referral after only a few days on your time line. How in the world? After all you guys went through in the Vietnam program, you really deserved a short referral wait! Hope everything goes well with your court date and we look forward to following your blog from here on out.