Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not so Fast!

My husbands Dr. office called today. His letter is ready for us to pick up (after a month wait). I had sent them a copy of how the letter should be and said put this on letter head and don't change anything. Just ask the Dr. to sign and get Notarized. So them calling me saying this task is done sounded too good to be true. I asked Mike to run over and pick up the letter, "no problem". I showed him a copy of what the letter should look like so he could review it ect..ect.. I give you ONE guess to think what he returned with. The letter with the blanks filled in by hand, on plain white typing paper, NO LETTERHEAD. Don't get me wrong, I am not mad at husband, just mad at again the total LACK of pride in ones work and professionalism. So tomorrow after my 7am Psychologist Evaluation (must be a joke in there somewhere) I will personally walk into the office and ask for another letter. I did work out some of my anger tonight, picked two bags of apples, a normal one for the doctors office to sweeten up the office staff, and a nice FAT bag for the Psych office staff. Because you know that darn letter will have to be redone a few times. Better make them work for those apples! At least they will remember me when I call with my "picky complaints"

Monday, September 29, 2008

Notary of Doctor letter ROUND 4!

Ok, here, trying to be as pleasant as possible. But come-on how hard is it to notarized a simple document correctly. This for me is the worse part of the process because I am a Notary! And I HATE giving up control to another person when I know it will get screwed up.

Round #1 Doctor changes letter and adds extra info that is not requested. gets the letter Notarized.

Round #2 Gets another letter Notarized and now the DATES don't Match!

Round #3 Gets another letter Notarized and now the secretary types a new letter and fills in the county. Guess what the Doctor goes to a different Notary in a different County. So she crosses out the words and writes a new county!

Round #4 Contacted a very dear friend that's a Notary like me, she will go to the doctors office with me tomorrow and Notarize the doctor for me. (By the way, I did offer to the doctor that I would sign a statement and get my signature Notarized and he did not feel comfortable with this.)

Good thing this was like one of my first tasks in this paper chase. Now waiting on husbands letter of employment. I think if people were at least a little picky like me, many errors would be avoided, Where is the pride in work these days?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quote of the Moment....

"Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, "this is the way, walk in it"
IS 30:20

There are 4.6 Million Orphans in Ethiopia

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 steps forward 2 steps back!

Our latest "Notary Issues" Our last "friend" reference turned in the letter today that we needed, however the Notary stamped her stamp directly across the words that say "seal/stamp" so hence her reg number can not be read! OYE! VAY! So he will get this redone for us. By the end of this Notary task, I will be able to write a book. Our HS update is being expressed to USCIS as we blog today, so hopefully our change of country approval will come in soon. On a side note, We are totally enjoying harvest time, freezing apple sauce, decorating with gourds and corn stalks, this is my favorite time of year. We will pick Indian Corn tonight, I will wait for our daughter to come home from school, she should enjoy this.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Well at least the chickens are enjoying my glider bench! At least until M comes and decides the party is over. Our chicken house is about 80% done, still needs doors, I can't wait for hubby to finish this full summer "project". And maybe $300 later, which should of been build with scraps found around the barn.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Duties of a Notary

This post is for all the adoptive families in process. So far we have had to re-do FIVE documents for lack of proper Notary services. My last issue with the Notary was taken care of fast, so these directions are not towards her.

In general be very very picky when reviewing the Notary's work. When you appear before the Notary have 3 copies of the same document. That way if she makes an error you will be prepared.

1. Her seal and stamp must be FULLY on the document. Its best if she does NOT seal over her name or stamp. If you have to guess what you are reading or looking at, its not good enough.

2. Have her test her stamp on a blank piece of paper to make sure its all inked up and nice and moist. If the stamp is not crisp, clear and clean, it will not be good enough. NO DOUBLE STAMPING

3. Make sure the Date on the letter is the same date that the Notary writes down.

4. Make sure her Notary is good for a long time and not due to expire in the next few months.

5. Make sure she prints her name under her signature, and writes out her reg # nice and neat.

6. Be kind and friendly to your Notary, you may still have to return to her for a re-do.

7. Before leaving the Notary, sit down and ready, look and pick apart the document, It is much easier to fix errors than having to return. Some people get caught up in conversations and forget you are creating an official document, paying attention will save time and headaches in the long run.

8. A Notary will not and should not Notorize a stamped signature, sometime doctors and accountants will get "lazy" and instead of picking up a pen they will simply stamp their signature. Again NOT good enough...cause for a Re-Do!

9. Ok, done for now, If anyone has any tips please feel free to leave me a comment. Love to hear of trials and errors. So, if this post has helped one family from a re-do then my job is done.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nice to be Nice!

Just when you have given up on people being decent and going the little extra, you get a nice surprise. Our town supervisor phoned yesterday to say the letter we needed is ready. Ok, my husband will pick it up. I scan the letter and send to our agency rep. "yes the letter is nice, but the Notary stamp is missing" ok, no biggie I will ask for another letter. Supervisor calls back, we made the correction can you come and check the letter over before I leave for the day. Well....I am stuck here today can I come tomorrow? THEN...he says "I will bring it to you" YES!!! Decent, happiness. That felt so nice. The letter "looked perfect" then he leaves and my heart sinks.... The Notary date and date of the letter do not match! Feeling defeated, I phone him back. "Don't worry, we will get this right and I will bring it back to you." We are happy that you are adopting and want this right for you. If anyone has been paper chasing towards a child,and it feels like everything is against you, those are the words you dream to hear. "we want this right for you" (Thank you so much Jim you have no idea how I felt saved today by you!)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008


The seven to eight year gap between the Ethiopian and Gregorian calendars results from alternate calculations in determining the date of the Annunciation of Jesus.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let the Paper Chase begin!

Ok, recap for the past few days: All documents birth, marriage have been ordered, in fact most have already arrived. The police letter of "no record" well lets just say we are on our 3rd trip to get this done. I personally typed the letter word for word, matched up the letter with old police letterhead I had so the records clerk could just copy my draft onto police letterhead. Well my margins were off like by two spaces. So instead of her just typing it fresh,(mind you its like 5 sentences) she sent my husband home saying we needed to "redo". So at this point we are at 3 round trips at 30miles each way. I think a person like me or my husband would of said, have a seat I will retype it for you. Is no one just nice anymore, just for the sake of being nice? So sweet husband will trek back over there tomorrow am for one last go of it.(right after he gets his blood work done for his medical letter) he has been a real trooper! bye for now.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Brand New Start

Sleep has returned, I am much more settled, my heart is happy and not full of worries. If you know me this is a huge statement. Welcome to our new start! We will not dwell on the past but move forward, forward towards our child waiting in Ethiopia, maybe already born. Can you imagine that statement? I have totally given trust to our new agency. Life is full of choices, we will live with this one and hope everything turns out fine. I love getting messages, meeting people that are opening their hearts to adoption. If this is your first adoption your life will forever be changed, your eyes will never forget your journeys. I thank God for opening up our hearts to yet another open window,I thank my very kind understanding husband for trusting this decision, We are thankful for all the support from family and the adoptive blog community.