Sunday, January 31, 2010

Please help our Adoption Agency in Haiti

*Mud Cookies made of fat,salt and dirt, dried in the sun, made to fill the belly.

The situation in Haiti is horrific. People are scared, hungry, traumatized, and many people are injured. Can you imagine being an orphan in Haiti? Being alone in the mist of this crisis? What if you were newly orphaned, as so many children certainly will be? The needs in Haiti are overwhelming and the crisis is dire but, as always, Adoption ARK clients and parents have stepped up to offer support.

Adoption ARK has partnered with the Child of the Promise Care Center in Haiti to get help to orphans. There are several ways to participate:

Provide Supplies
As you can imagine, in the aftermath of this crisis, supplies are hard to purchase in Haiti. Adoption ARK has set-up a page on our bookstore where you can purchase supplies, in bulk, and have them mailed directly to Child of the Promise. Our bookstore is hosted through Amazon so it is secure and reliable. All you need to do is enter the shipping address for Child of the Promise and enter your credit card information. It couldn’t be easier!

1.Simply go to the Adoption ARK-Amazon Bookstore at,
2.Add the items you wish to donate to the shopping cart.
3.At checkout, change the “Ship To” address to:
Agape Flights CAP11952 attn: AAHR, Bud and Jan Bonnema
100 Airport Avenue East
Venice, FL 34285
4.Continue checkout by entering your payment method.
Everything donated will be shipped to Haiti through Agape Flights.
Provide Monetary Support
Monetary donations are desperately needed to help cover shipping cost and to obtain supplies that are in need within Haiti. You can donate through Adoption ARK at pag195.aspx

or you can mail your donation to:
Children of the Promise
Attn. Sue DeGroot
PO Box 97
Prinsburg, MN 56281

Please help. The orphaned children of Haiti are in need of this help and are waiting.

The Team at Adoption ARK

Monday, January 11, 2010

On my potty...

I have used this video/book for all three of our kids, its wonderful. The only thing we do different is have a little stool by the big potty, that way we do not have to clean a potty chair. As long as the childs feet is resting on the stool they will feel secure. You can also purchase a small toilet ring that fits over the adult seat. They have versions for both boy or girl. If you do not have the money to purchase one, check you local library, We did not buy one, just borrow it from the library. You child will LOVE it. Carmen has the #2 pretty much mastered, she still pees in her pants, maybe lazy or not sure if she makes it in time. I do not ask her if she has to go. OH....and always let them flush, thats the reward!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Wild Turkeys...

For the past 3 days we have been entertained by at least 20 or so wild turkeys going from row to row thru the apple orchard. They are sooo big, Almost bigger than a Turkey Vulture. My BIL wants to get close enough to "catch" one. (He grew up in Brooklyn) need I say more. If he does "catch" one, the deal is I will cook it for him.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st real Snow of this season!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

A News Years Chinese tradition is all the kids get a hair cut to "cut off the old year" Leave it behind and start fresh. Also new outfits are purchased. Our version is mom trims the childrens hair and gets deep discount PJ"s after Christmas to celebrate New Years. You also clean the home before new years day, sweep the floor getting rid of the old year. While most of the kids did not make it to midnight, that was fixed with just setting our clock to 12am, the actual photo was taken at 10:30! We had wonderful rich foods at my Aunt Mo's home, they say the way you eat on New Years sets the tone for whats to come.