Saturday, March 28, 2009

Inventory Time...

Crunch time, Ok this list has been in my head for a few weeks now, today it became reality . This is what I purchased:

Danskin Jogging suit, (its light cotton and so cozy, for the airplane ride)
socks for son & daughter that will be home with Nana, (socks vanish in our home!)
1pack of Take n Toss sippy cups
SPF 50 Sunblock, tear free
Toothpaste,(lg tube and sm carryon) toothbrushes for us and baby, travel case for them
Make-up Towelettes, (feels so nice after a long trip wash face with bottle water)
All new make-up (I deserve it)
Quick Read digital Thermometer
Baby nail clippers
Eucerin CREAM, (lotions for kids a no no, normally reactions)
Monistat 7 yup,,,,a gal never knows, (could be along trip)
Excedrin Migraine
Band aids
Soap case
3oz travel bottles (to fill with shampoo,conditioners, baby soap, big bottles will be checked)
Individual Antibacterial wipes for hands and surface. quantity 50
Hydrocortisone Cream 1% (in case baby has itches ect,some type of relief until we get home
40 pack of wipes for travel/ will purchase more in Ethiopia

Doctor Perscribed Azithromycin:for baby ear infections, powder form mix with water if needed*paid full price baby not yet on insurance

Doctor Perscribed: Ciprofloxacin HCL 500 MG: AKA for travelers diarea, for Mom & Dad

Benadryl: 2 pills I sleep like a baby, better than sleeping pills!
Alka-Seltzer Plus Day & Night, just because it helps us sleep
4 pack pedialyte singles, I also have powder packets but the singles are real handy, if they fit I will bring them
*unplanned purchase sweet dress 80%off for baby $6.00 and two neat T's for kids,soap dish (ours broke last night)
TP: 2 sm carryon/2 normal rolls checked
sm jar of vapor rub, for chest colds-baby
sm bottle eye drops:dry eye relief-adults
TOTAL Expense $293.24 it does add up fast, and I did not shop crazy either!

*PS forgot to purchase Feaver Reducers like Childrens Tylenol or Motrin have to do this.
ADDED to list Latex Gloves (for yuck)
Small Flashlight, (incase of power outage)
Shampoo for AA hair
Dramamine: motion sickness


Charity Roach said...

I can't wait to hear all about your travel stories! I can't wait until that beautiful little girl is in your arms. What a sweet day that will be for you!!! Keep us all posted!

In Christian Love,

Rebecca and Andrew said...

Hi, Just started following along! Congratulations to your family!
We came home with our two Ethiopian sweethearts in February.
If I may add...take several travel sized bottles of anti bacterial gel (we took about 10 and used almost all of it), esp. if you'll be traveling and seeing the country side. Also, take your own TP since most 'public' restrooms do not stock it.
I'd also take antiacids =)
Don't want to seem bossy or anything but after doing the trip, these are just some things I think are a necessity! =)
Best of everything to you!

Ann said...

Thanks Rebecca, the list is taking on a life of its own! I have 2 travel Tp's for carry on and a full roll for checked luggage, I will get more anti baterial, we also have 50 packets of sani-wipes and chewable pepto.

Kari J said...

Love your list. May I have permission to copy all said articles to own list for personal adoption trip?
Thanks for keeping us posted.