Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photos Galore!

I Love taking photos, I Love Shutterfly, I Love editing photos and trying to get the best shot. I am learning the proper lighting for shooting our new daughter,I think I am getting the knack of it. So looking forward to warm weather and getting beach photos, water photos and catching special moments.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baptism Weekend

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Very Very Tired

I promise to BLOG again soon, for the meantime, I am so very tired and must take quality time for family. Baby Carmen is very attached to just me, and I mean, she must even hold me while I prepare dinner, go into the bathroom ect. So we are giving her everything she needs, all body contact, hand feeding and co-sleeping. She has happiness in her eyes, and I know that hard shell is slowing breaking. Food is very important to her, not a drop is missed getting into her mouth. Here are a few photos for those still hanging in with me. Soon all the waiting children will have families. I hope the wait is short.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Amsterdam

We have about 2hrs before boarding. SO far its been a wonderful flights with KLM, food was great, bathrooms were cleaned at least 2 times durning flight, many movies to choose from.
Mid flight I did have high anxiety, just very very tired, mind was full of worries, missing the kids back home. I am having a hard time understanding that we are currently traveling ahead of the time zone at home.

TIP: When flying out of FJK -NY with 4 tubs of donatoins, Mike droped me and the checked items at the 4th termnial door, so we would not have to shelp everything from the car. I have to tip $1.00 per box, no big deal, The sky-cap brought the bins to the front of ticket counter, off-loaded them, and left me. Then the ticket lady said, "those" are not luggage" She did accept them upon the condition that I paid the sky-cap to pick them up, bring them accross the hall to get them all 5 piece shrunk wraped at about $9.00 per piece. Then when done, I had to tip the plastic wrap man $10 to bring them back to the ticket desk! SO in about 10min in JFK-NY we burned thru $60.00. Then poor Mike (my husband) ended up have to park long term in the short term parking. Long term parking was a messy maze to get to, so to park for 7 days the fee will be $250. Long story short,,,that was only a small snag in our day. NO big deal. "Just shrink wrap those bins"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The path to Carmen....for inquiring minds..

3hr layover
Amsterdam TO
2.5 hr layover
Nairobi TO
Addis Ababa!!!!


Addis Ababa TO
2hr layover
Amsterdam TO
JFK_NY!!!!!!!!!!home....who will see the baby first?????

We r outta HERE!

TIP....once you get the CALL for travel approval, have your ducks lined up. By now you should already have a repore with a Travel Agent you trust,know what hotel you want to stay in and how to contact them. Have your emergency contact list, copy of your Travelers Check to leave behind, Car seat for when you retun home. Have all the cash as requested prepared, organized and gift cards for giving money as a gift.

So now I look forward to when the airplane door shuts, I can sink back, listen to the mp3 player and just plain think happy thoughts.....our daughter whom we will soon meet!

We used Scotts Travel, he was wonderful got us the best last min deal 1-800-494-7568

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


If you were told you maybe leaving for Ethiopia in the next 2-3 days would you be ready. Most would say YES, until the actual time is upon you. I feel we were pretty prepared, gathering donations, purchasing items as needed ect.. However I feel a complete stressed out mess! Tip time.... purchase your donation bins way in advance, so you can play around with the packing of them to maximize space. Know what forms you will need from Immigration, your agency will tell you this,(practice filling them out!) however print out 5 copies for mess ups and redo's, make sure your computer INK IS FULL, Today, I have two key people waiting on an important document, no problem, I go to print it out, it comes out very very faded, not of good quality. guess what??no spare ink in the house!!! My friend printed from her home and raced it over to me, (this added 1.5 hours into my stress) Well we should know tomorrow of firm travel plans, as of right now, I am 98.5% ready! still would like to go and get the bins weighed at the post office in town. goodnight for now. FYI*bins, most airlines L X W X H bin should equal 62 inches or less, packed total weight not more than 50 lbs,most airlines allow 100 lbs checked per ticket, purchased bins at Target est price $8.00.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Showers

Spring, a time of change, new things to come, maybe good news?