Friday, March 13, 2009

Almost 1 day til court!

As well as beauty, the African rose from Ethiopia produces a vitamin-rich fruit, “very much liked by children and eaten fresh and raw. The fruits can be harvested from December onwards. When consuming too much, the fruits may cause stomachache and tingling sensation on the teeth.”

So our POA will go to court for us on 3/16, but in USA time that should be Sunday night while we are trying to sleep. I wonder if we will get good news early Monday morning, or will he try to get us our Embassy apt so we can plan travel then contact us.

A real nice adoptive mom from our old agency IM me a few days ago. She also just changed programs and wondered if our orphanage could use bottles. Well of course I said they would be welcomed. She is mailing them out today....she is sending 51! They should be nice and light weight, I wonder if we could stuff some candy in them??No sense bringing an empty bottle! right?

Finally started our 2008 family year book on Shutterfly. In the past we have spent so much money on photos that end up in drawers, wasted money of scrapbook materials ect. So last year, I saved all my best photos in separate files on Shutterfly. They are sorted by month, event ect. I went an entire year of not ordering one photo. They are all being printed in a wonderful book. I think it should be about 80 pages when complete. I started this in 2007 and it truly has been enjoyed. You can change the layouts, backgrounds, type in stories, captions ect.. It looks real nice when done. I start with Chinese New Years and end the year with Christmas! Plus God forbid, if anything was to happen to the book. A new one can be ordered, or for that fact, say when the kids get bigger and want to have their own. We can just order them a copy. It was getting very hard to keep up with separate books for each child. This seemed like the best solution. One more thing then I am done, what if your computer was to crash, and you lost all your photos? I know personally it would be horrible. So please find an on line company like Shutterfly and store your best shots there. You will not regret this.


Kari J said...

Good thought and wishes for court!!!