Sunday, March 15, 2009

Its almost late Sunday Night in Ethiopia!

I hope our POA has a good nights sleep. That the Judge favors well on our applications, that travel comes fast and Carmens adjustment goes smooth. This adoption has been soooooo long. It will be nice to have a new year of not worrying about paperwork, fees,new approvals, scrimping with money and just settle down and get in some family vacations and long weekends. No one ever said it would be easy, but the rewards are well worth the struggles! Will we sleep well tonight. Probably not, but I do so much want a good rest, I lay in bed thinking will "will I rest tonight" then morning is here! I need to be fresh so I can absorb all the new travel info we have. Its a debate between staying at a guest house or a big hotel. From what I have been reading guest house is the way to go, however our agency prefers a big hotel???? Anyone have any suggestions. Not sure if a guest house will be too full of activity with other families adopting, vs: staying in a hotel room which is normally a little more privacy~(not looking for a circus) Price is also a factor, since we are not planning on a long stay, I am not looking for a five star price. I would rather spend that kind of money for a big family trip when we are all together. We are not beneath roughing it some.


TJ said...

We definitely plan to spend our time in Ethiopia at a guest house. Some of them appear and sound to be so nice, and the experience seems more personal somehow there. I also haven't seen any that compare to the [high] price at the big hotels.

I also thought I heard that the Ethiopian government was encouraging families to be more discreet and stay in the guest houses. This was my reasoning - especially with an adventurous spirit such as you all have.

Amie said...

I will pray for you guys before I go to bed tonight and first thing in the morning that the courts are kind!!! We can't wait to meet Carmen!