Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3 Days til Court !!!

#1 Scared my self real bad today: Our new USCIS approval came in today's mail. I went to the fire proof safe to put it into our file. Guess what? The file was not on the top where I left it. So for a half hour I empty the entire safe, mind you its packed, disks, documents, power of attorneys, stuffed with real important stuff. My heart is racing, It has to be here, I always put it back when I am done with it. I pull open all the drawers on the desk, look Thur odd papers ready to be burned. No where! Then I hear, "flop" the Ethiopia adoption file was lodged into the top cover of the safe, and flopped down. Not a good joke, it took a while for me to calm down, my mind was racing on how the heck I would recreate that file. All ended well.

#2 Our poor little boy has been feeling bad, his ears hurt. Sounds like an ear infection. Got him into the Dr. at 10am, sat for an hour to be seen. Yes he did have an infected ear and hard build up. The Dr. cleaned out the ear, he screamed so badly, it earned him a promise of a big box of candy at the store. Just when we are almost done, I remembered he needs his Hep B 2nd shot. Lets do it now and get it over. Well I did not restrain him well, Half of the shot went in him, half ended up all over my hands. He needed a 2nd shot. It was very bad. (side note) The doctors office was short on nurses, and I had to restrain him for his shot,even though I did a bad job. HOWEVER: a rule for adoption and bonding is for shots and blood draws, the parent should never restrain the child, it should be 2 nurses, or Dr and nurse. The reason is the parent is never to be a source of harm to their child, the nurse or Dr. should hand the child back to the parent directly after the shot or blood draw so the parent is only seen as the source of comfort and safety. Plus the Medical employees can normally get the procedure done much faster if the parent steps out of the room and waits by the exam room door, I have done this with both of our kids and they do calm down much faster. Regardless it is heartbreaking to hear you child scream and carry on, but you do it for their wellness, thats part of being a parent. Looked what happened today to us, I have never restrained our children for any medical procedures, I should of held off on the shot for a better time. It was my fault he needed the second shot. (FYI according to the CDC all family members in the household should have the Hep shots before your child from Ethiopia arrives home)

#3 I got in a wonderful relaxing swim tonight at the local pool.


TJ said...

Hope he feels better very soon. Loved the 3 rose pic.