Monday, March 9, 2009

FIVE days til court!

Sept 8,2008 was the official start of our fresh journey in the adoption world for Ethiopia. What have we learned: To trust another agency after a very hard history with a big agency, Never give up, don't let yourself become a number, remember the children needing families, speak up, keep organized, follow up with phone calls, emails, extra thank yous, appreciate the people that helped smooth out your journey, forgive the people that created roadblocks for you,when needed change directions, (find the right path). Thank government officials that helped you, remember those that did not when time to vote! Learn to become a leader, be a friend to those on the same journey as you. Do not ever feel trapped by big agency's, if you loose money, you can always make more. Be nice to your Notary, she is your biggest helper in this paper chase. Ask for help when needed. There are many routing for you, just keep at it. When you are having set backs; there is a faceless child waiting for you. Worry when needed, but know this is entirely in Gods control, worry will not change his timing.