Tuesday, March 10, 2009

4 Days til Court!!!!

Well trying hard to kick in into gear. I did make our tax appointment, that was on my to do list. Cleared out a huge cupboard of miss matched everyday plates ect. Replaced the entire cupboard with all the china we normally keep in a box and never use. What's the purpose of that? So we have our 3 squares on the best china, snacks included. So whats the worse that could happen? They break, big deal.

PS: I can not wait to share Carmen's referral photo, I hope we pass court the first time. She is changing so much! I have heard she is shy & not trusting. So we will take it real slow, and keep things low key. It will just be nice to get her home.


Spruce said...

Hi Ann,

Would you be willing to use some of your spare waiting time to speak to me about adopting from Ethiopia using the Ark? Linda suggested I check out your blog. We are about to send in our contract but wanted to speak to someone who went through their Ethiopia program first. A little nervous because it it new for them. We are hoping for a boy of 4-5 years, we have two of our own ages 6 and 9. How exciting for you to be so close to meeting your little girl! Looking forward to hearing from you....Best, Michelle

Ann said...

I am having troubles pulling up your reply info, please email me at I will give you my phone number. Ok.