Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let the Paper Chase begin!

Ok, recap for the past few days: All documents birth, marriage have been ordered, in fact most have already arrived. The police letter of "no record" well lets just say we are on our 3rd trip to get this done. I personally typed the letter word for word, matched up the letter with old police letterhead I had so the records clerk could just copy my draft onto police letterhead. Well my margins were off like by two spaces. So instead of her just typing it fresh,(mind you its like 5 sentences) she sent my husband home saying we needed to "redo". So at this point we are at 3 round trips at 30miles each way. I think a person like me or my husband would of said, have a seat I will retype it for you. Is no one just nice anymore, just for the sake of being nice? So sweet husband will trek back over there tomorrow am for one last go of it.(right after he gets his blood work done for his medical letter) he has been a real trooper! bye for now.