Monday, September 29, 2008

Notary of Doctor letter ROUND 4!

Ok, here, trying to be as pleasant as possible. But come-on how hard is it to notarized a simple document correctly. This for me is the worse part of the process because I am a Notary! And I HATE giving up control to another person when I know it will get screwed up.

Round #1 Doctor changes letter and adds extra info that is not requested. gets the letter Notarized.

Round #2 Gets another letter Notarized and now the DATES don't Match!

Round #3 Gets another letter Notarized and now the secretary types a new letter and fills in the county. Guess what the Doctor goes to a different Notary in a different County. So she crosses out the words and writes a new county!

Round #4 Contacted a very dear friend that's a Notary like me, she will go to the doctors office with me tomorrow and Notarize the doctor for me. (By the way, I did offer to the doctor that I would sign a statement and get my signature Notarized and he did not feel comfortable with this.)

Good thing this was like one of my first tasks in this paper chase. Now waiting on husbands letter of employment. I think if people were at least a little picky like me, many errors would be avoided, Where is the pride in work these days?


TJ said...

You've saved me some trouble by sharing your notarization experiences - so thank you for the suffering. I can totally relate to wanting to be able to control things - I've been through things 3 times with the doctor(s). I think we're finally good to go with the med certs. Woohoo! We also received our revised I 171H this weekend, so I'm hoping we can get this dossier submitted this week - I'll be keeping track of you all and your journey - we should be pretty close to one another timing wise. My husband and I have specified, however, that we are seeking to adopt 2 children, siblings, preferably female, 6-48 months in age - that could slow us down a bit - hope not too much!