Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nice to be Nice!

Just when you have given up on people being decent and going the little extra, you get a nice surprise. Our town supervisor phoned yesterday to say the letter we needed is ready. Ok, my husband will pick it up. I scan the letter and send to our agency rep. "yes the letter is nice, but the Notary stamp is missing" ok, no biggie I will ask for another letter. Supervisor calls back, we made the correction can you come and check the letter over before I leave for the day. Well....I am stuck here today can I come tomorrow? THEN...he says "I will bring it to you" YES!!! Decent, happiness. That felt so nice. The letter "looked perfect" then he leaves and my heart sinks.... The Notary date and date of the letter do not match! Feeling defeated, I phone him back. "Don't worry, we will get this right and I will bring it back to you." We are happy that you are adopting and want this right for you. If anyone has been paper chasing towards a child,and it feels like everything is against you, those are the words you dream to hear. "we want this right for you" (Thank you so much Jim you have no idea how I felt saved today by you!)


Kathryn and Kevin said...

It's nice to hear about people who will go the extra mile for you. I look forward to following you on this journey. We also are adopting from Ethiopia, but have decided to stay with CHI, since we have so much invested with them. At least we don't have too start totally over. What agency are you using?