Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Duties of a Notary

This post is for all the adoptive families in process. So far we have had to re-do FIVE documents for lack of proper Notary services. My last issue with the Notary was taken care of fast, so these directions are not towards her.

In general be very very picky when reviewing the Notary's work. When you appear before the Notary have 3 copies of the same document. That way if she makes an error you will be prepared.

1. Her seal and stamp must be FULLY on the document. Its best if she does NOT seal over her name or stamp. If you have to guess what you are reading or looking at, its not good enough.

2. Have her test her stamp on a blank piece of paper to make sure its all inked up and nice and moist. If the stamp is not crisp, clear and clean, it will not be good enough. NO DOUBLE STAMPING

3. Make sure the Date on the letter is the same date that the Notary writes down.

4. Make sure her Notary is good for a long time and not due to expire in the next few months.

5. Make sure she prints her name under her signature, and writes out her reg # nice and neat.

6. Be kind and friendly to your Notary, you may still have to return to her for a re-do.

7. Before leaving the Notary, sit down and ready, look and pick apart the document, It is much easier to fix errors than having to return. Some people get caught up in conversations and forget you are creating an official document, paying attention will save time and headaches in the long run.

8. A Notary will not and should not Notorize a stamped signature, sometime doctors and accountants will get "lazy" and instead of picking up a pen they will simply stamp their signature. Again NOT good enough...cause for a Re-Do!

9. Ok, done for now, If anyone has any tips please feel free to leave me a comment. Love to hear of trials and errors. So, if this post has helped one family from a re-do then my job is done.


Kathryn and Kevin said...

Also make sure her signature matches exactly. No problem usually, but one notary had her middle initial on her stamp and did not include it in her signature, automatic re-do. Luckily the notary was a co-worker and she just wrote in her middle initial, so I never had to have the entire document redone.