Monday, February 2, 2009

Need I say more?

Well if you can get sick from Blogger friends, I want to say thanks T! Can we be flu buddies? At least you posted your photo, not sure I have the courage to do that. I deff have something brewing, not full blown, just luggy and tired small cough. Give it a few days. I probably got it from my kids whom by the way did have flu shots, but you know, they love to cough in my face. All the door knobs have been washed down, fresh pillow cases, hand washing increasing, hey, fighting the battle. On a sad note, we had to put our cat of 12 years to sleep. She was acting off on Friday, turns out she had a stroke and would not stand, by Sat she was not improving. Being that our ground is frozen, and we could not store her outside until spring, or have my husband cremate her. (too much to ask of him) We used a service that the vet offered. I am sad, because all our pets are buried in a little spot by the pear tree. Its sad that we could not honor her this way, bury her in her own hunting grounds. I sort of wish we just kept her home and not even brought her to the vet, she basically just laided in the kennel, she could of been home with us. I was just afraid of not knowing how to care for her and I panicked being a Friday not thinking we could get help if needed.


TJ said...

I'm so sorry that you got something as well. This is day 7 for me - I did a 5 hr day at work yesterday and should be back up to a full day today. I'm actually feeling pretty okay, albeit a bit groggy - I took the cough syrup with codeine at 6PM last night and am still sleepy. I will tell you that my doctor said they have to administer the new flu medicine within 48 hours of onset or it's not effective...I was there, but they misdiagnosed......and the 2nd visit, it was too late. I don't know how they can know for sure (if you have a fever >100?), but make sure you don't miss the window of opportunity.