Friday, February 6, 2009

Full day & Lucky 37!

Yesterday we had to renew our fingerprints....they just phoned me, WE PASSED! This is very good news. Normally I fail the first time, my hands and prints are very worn, it usually requires two trips because of me. So to recap yesterday.

1. Crawled out of bed, hacking up my lungs every 5min, 20 cough drops later at USCIS apt 10am .

2. Son announcing his ear is now hurting. (yes he was infected)

3. Hang out at the mall carsoul (organ music pounding my head, the breeze of the ride making me sick) until 1:30 waiting to hear if we pass, trying to save a 2nd trip back in. By 1:30 no word so we head home about 2hr drive.

4. Phoned my Dr. and Sons' Dr. YES we now have a 3pm & 5Pm doctor apt. Pick up daughter at school to also get her checked out. She is just starting to cough.

5. Pick up our meds, 6:30pm arrive back home, eat then BED,,,sweet bed. What a long day.

6. Phone rings at 9am sharp, restricted number, who could it be? USCIS with bad news. NO .....WE PASSED. This is huge, as our fingerprints must be current to apply for our daughters VISA. So we are all green lights.


Kari J said...

How can you find out if your fingerprints passed without them going through the whole process? I have that bad print problem every time and need to return for a second trip (2 hours away and a day lost).