Saturday, November 29, 2008

Quote of the Moment....Plan for a Merry Christmas

As for the economic pressure on parents, Gottlieb sounds a fatalistic note.

"Believe me, there are families with much bigger issues on their plates right now then worrying about whether their child will be unhappy because they did not get a particular toy," Gottlieb wrote in his "Out of the Toy Box" blog. "Delivering disappointment goes with the job of parenting."

What parent would not love to give their children a Christmas full of presents, mountains of presents? That however is out of the question for many families, including ours. What will we do to create memories that are not as easily forgotten as a present that is thrown to the wayside as soon as the batteries die? Well, we do art projects together, winter walks, visit the local outdoor Santa. (Even if the line is over an hour long.) Pile up with wonderful books from our library, take each night to read stories. Attend local churches, Christmas events, baking together. Remembering the much less fortunate, remember how lucky we are; and not how sad for the presents we can not purchase. This time of year is about the birthday for Jesus. The event my daughter remembers most is : Last year we decorated a birthday cake for Jesus. She asked tonight if we were going to do this again. I think that's a great idea! Please scale back the craziness that comes with the holiday season. Get back to a simple time of just plain enjoying each other. Not ending up Christmas Eve so tired that you are not able to enjoy the season.