Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Presenting: Carmen Josephine

(Abyssian Rose: only native rose found on the continent)

Due to Ethiopian laws we will not be able to post any photos of our duaghter until after the adoption is final. This will happen after our court date. Anyway....lets see Eyes like the moon, Eyes that say come and bring me home, Eyes that say why am I standing here for this photo all by myself, fingers as tiny as little sugar sticks that you just want to kiss and kiss, sweet little lips so soft and sweet as a rose petal. A little girl that is needing a family to love her, play with her, cuddle her and make her part of our life.

For families ready for a referral, normally your agency will say: Do you have any questions? Well not at first, most do not...then you get thinking. So this not being our first adoption, I will share my quesiton list with you, feel free to take what you wish.

What is the name of the test performed to come to the results of NEGATIVE for HIV , HB and UDRL?

On the medical report what is HCG?

On the medical report: What is written in the area “other tests” we cannot translate the written words.

On the medical report: for UDRL What is Non-Negative mean?

Are there any known birthparents, family or Siblings known?

What area of Ethiopia is she currently in?

How long before she is transferred out of the Government orphanage?

Does she seem like a happy child?

What are her sleeping arrangements, alone with others, a caregiver?

Is she attached to any caregiver?

Is she on solid food or still bottles?

Is she on formula, Milk, Soy, and Lactose intolerant?

Can she walk yet?

How many teeth?

Where was she found?

What was her heath condition when found?

What was her age and weight when found?

Was a note or any items left with her?

How many orphanages has she been in?

Has she been assigned a Birthday?

Who named her? Does her name have a special meaning?

Are there any medical conditions we should be concerned about?

Can she pick up items?

Does she respond to strangers with fear?

Is she happy when a familiar person approaches her?

Why was she orphaned?

When can we bring her home?


Odyssey to Annie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What amazing and wonderful news!


TJ said...

So excited for you all! You're the test pilots for our program! I hpe everything goes quickly and smoothly and you're snuggling your little Carmen so very soon! Thank you, too, for sharing your list - it helps me to prepare for that blessed time when the referral comes and I'm overwhelmed and cannot think straight.

Dawn said...

That is FANTASTIC!!! Can you tell us how old she is??

Kelly said...

Wow!! Congrats! Great list, too. You should share that list with other PAP's. Might save someone some grief. How long 'till you pick up your sweet girl?

Tania said...

Hi's Tania from over at mysproutling.blogspot.

I have three adults traveling so we get 6 checked bags. We are using 5 of those for the totes and then checking one back for the babies stuff. We are then each taking a carry on with our personal belongings. The airlines allow checked bags/totes to be up to 50 pounds and combined measurements of 62 inches (we are flying lufthansa...some airlines might be different.
The 18 gallon totes are under 62 inches, and stuffed full are less than 50 pounds (unless of course you have really heavy items). you can e-mail me at tbryan6796 at yahoo if you would like any other info.

Oh, and congratulations on your referral. You are soooooo close! I can't wait to see pictures after you pass court.