Monday, November 10, 2008

Inquiring Minds wanting to know...

I have been asked by several families what agency are we using. I normally do not refer agencies until I have first hand experience with them. Since our documents are in Ethiopia, I will let you know who we are using...Below is the intial contact info, after you are an approved family, you will be asigned a case worker. I can tell you Ethiopia is a fast moving program with this agency, they have represented us very well, and have kept us informed each step of the way. We have had daily,weekly contact, and each document is fully reviewed before passing onto the next stage. This agency is brand new in Ethiopia, no long lines of families waiting, they have children waiting for families. This path was so encouraging that we left our current agency along with the loss of several thousands of dollars already paid. (some things you can't put a price is piece of mind) So as promised below is the info. Please do the favor of telling Linda I sent you to her, she has been very kind to us, specially in our early stages of trying find a trustworthy agency.

Linda Podas
Adoption Consultant


Kathryn and Kevin said...

I'm from Il and with a 630 area code they must be too. How come when I was researching agencies I never came upon them? And wow, you got a referral in only a couple days! How long until you travel? How old is she?