Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Amsterdam

We have about 2hrs before boarding. SO far its been a wonderful flights with KLM, food was great, bathrooms were cleaned at least 2 times durning flight, many movies to choose from.
Mid flight I did have high anxiety, just very very tired, mind was full of worries, missing the kids back home. I am having a hard time understanding that we are currently traveling ahead of the time zone at home.

TIP: When flying out of FJK -NY with 4 tubs of donatoins, Mike droped me and the checked items at the 4th termnial door, so we would not have to shelp everything from the car. I have to tip $1.00 per box, no big deal, The sky-cap brought the bins to the front of ticket counter, off-loaded them, and left me. Then the ticket lady said, "those" are not luggage" She did accept them upon the condition that I paid the sky-cap to pick them up, bring them accross the hall to get them all 5 piece shrunk wraped at about $9.00 per piece. Then when done, I had to tip the plastic wrap man $10 to bring them back to the ticket desk! SO in about 10min in JFK-NY we burned thru $60.00. Then poor Mike (my husband) ended up have to park long term in the short term parking. Long term parking was a messy maze to get to, so to park for 7 days the fee will be $250. Long story short,,,that was only a small snag in our day. NO big deal. "Just shrink wrap those bins"


Joe Wine said...

Happy Easter! It'll be over in New York minute.

TJ said...

Praying everyday for safe travels and the glorious meeting! I'll have to talk to you about the containers, if I shrink wrap them, won't they want to open them to inspect?

TJ said...

Waiting for the wonderful news that you made it home safely!