Tuesday, April 7, 2009


If you were told you maybe leaving for Ethiopia in the next 2-3 days would you be ready. Most would say YES, until the actual time is upon you. I feel we were pretty prepared, gathering donations, purchasing items as needed ect.. However I feel a complete stressed out mess! Tip time.... purchase your donation bins way in advance, so you can play around with the packing of them to maximize space. Know what forms you will need from Immigration, your agency will tell you this,(practice filling them out!) however print out 5 copies for mess ups and redo's, make sure your computer INK IS FULL, Today, I have two key people waiting on an important document, no problem, I go to print it out, it comes out very very faded, not of good quality. guess what??no spare ink in the house!!! My friend printed from her home and raced it over to me, (this added 1.5 hours into my stress) Well we should know tomorrow of firm travel plans, as of right now, I am 98.5% ready! still would like to go and get the bins weighed at the post office in town. goodnight for now. FYI*bins, most airlines L X W X H bin should equal 62 inches or less, packed total weight not more than 50 lbs,most airlines allow 100 lbs checked per ticket, purchased bins at Target est price $8.00.