Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life Lesson...

Moment of the day!

We truly love to show the children nature, point out things they may miss. Like geese flying over head in the shape of a V, a pasture of cattle...searching out if any new calfs are in the high grass. I guess you get the picture. Today on the way to the park I spoted a HUGE turtle. I mean so huge I could not pick it up if I had to. It was very old and agian HUGE. There it was on the center line, not sure if it was crossing or turning around. I pulled over put on the blinkers. We were on a back road, a very hilly back road. I tried to give cars a warning by waving out the window to slow down. Many cars took notice and slowed, but as the kids #4 clipped that poor turtle, spun it about. The poor creature was twisting and very much in pain. My daughter was screaming. "mommy, get out and help him", I could not. I told her the turtle will go into the grass, and its not safe for mom to go into the road. She cried for 15 min, when we arrived at the park, we each said a prayer to God to help the turtle. *life lesson, please do not stop to watch animals in the road, most time the outcome is not good.

On a better note, upon return I spoted 3 chunky platic Little Tots play equipment for sale in someones yard. The picnic table, Little cottage and huge climbing fort with slide. Guess what? All 3 for $55.00!!! We got a neighbors truck, brought them home and cleaned them up. We are enjoying our new backyard playground, very much.

We are falling deeper in love with our daughter everyday. Its wonderful to see the children bond as siblings. I try to watch from afar, both M&M have showed much kindness and affection at times I would of never imagined. She is very verbal, loves to play with the other children. Still perfers me for cuddling, feeding, main care ect. She has the sweetiest smile and such kind kisses. She shows much gratitue for even the littlest of kindness showed to her. As with our first two children, at first it feels like we are babysitting, then in time it clicks. "this is for real". I pray for all the families & children waiting for court in Ethiopia to finish investigations. I know this is for the best. No one wants to look at a child they adopted with questions in the back of their mind. Adoptive families are very strong. I hope for positive news soon for all my friends.


Vive...rie...ama said...

We love nature too:). How sad about the turtle! We just had a similar incidents with our roly-polys, and of course the kids wre devastated. I hope all went well planting flowers!:)