Friday, January 23, 2009

Weight Loss -11

So far I am down about 11lbs, it depends on how you look at the scale! I like trying to be healthier, and the "empty" feeling is much better for me. I had a fuller meal last night and enjoyed it, however after did not feel comfortable after at all. So still working forward. Breakfast is normally oatmeal or egg with cheese,then I enjoy either a grill chicken salad every lunch, or topped with tuna. Dinner is usually late for me. I have been getting into the Weight Watchers frozen meals. The Italian meals are my favorite. Between meals is only green tea. I have a brisk walk two mornings a week and swim two evenings a week. I will squeeze in more walks when husband is home. It does become a challenge with the kids. I get angry if my exercise time is taken away from me.

My recent temptations: Hostess Cupcakes, two boxes came into the home, I did not eat them. Recess Peanut butter Easter Eggs, I saw a nice fresh box at check out, thought about them, but kept on walking. Soda, have not had a soda in about a month! Think of it all the time.


TJ said...

Woohoohooo! I think 11 lbs. is awesome and being healthier is always a good thing. I, too, started my new way of life "in anticipation of the kiddos", God willing, later this year. A good friend and I are participating in the 10-week Extreme Pound Down Challenge at our gym. It encompasses getting in there a minimum of 3 times a week, participating in at least one class a week, keeping a food diary (that we have to turn in), weighing in/measuring on schedule, etc. We get bonus points for participating in extra classes, 4 big outdoor challenges, nutrition seminars, bonus days, etc. It brings some community to the process and keeps me focused - we'll see where I can get to by the end of March. I've passed up wine, pizza, tortilla chips, and I'm eating more veggies, healthy carbs, etc. I really need to drink more water! I already feel better even if I'm not seeing quick weightloss. Got Zumba (latin dance class) tonight and Body Pump (weights to music) tomorrow morning....cardio kickboxing Monday.....I have to say, my back is not what it used to be!
Best of luck - Thanks for the inspiration!

Corinne said...

Great start to a healthier life! As a nutritionist I will tell you just staying away from empty calories like soda and exercise will make a big difference .Green Tea is a fabulous choice between meals too!Keep it up! I will cheer you on.