Saturday, January 10, 2009

Love for our daughter..

Oh, she is always on my mind. We received a medical report on her last week. No new info, just in the top corner was a very small photo of her. What a treat that was. I look at it everyday. It seems to be the best quality photo of her so far. I see little girls around her age and imagine will this be her size? I just want her home. The Power of Attorney that is working for us in Ethiopia. I think of him all the time. Its wonderful work he is doing. I love him also, even though we have not yet met. He is our only connection to our daughter, reporting on her, making appointments on our behalf, overlooking her care. I truly can not wait to meet him in person. How to you thank someone like this? He gets the tasks done with little or no communication from us or the agency. Most recently Ehtiopia was 5 weeks without Internet. Can you imagine this happening in the US? He still got us that court date! With unreliable Internet, I emailed my agency with requests to forward to him in Ethiopia. I was going to wait until closer travel, however what if Internet was down again. I asked if he could purchase her a nice outfit for court if we sent some money? Maybe hire someone to take photos or purchase a small disposable camera? I asked if he would take them each out for a special meal after the adoption. I communicated concern that we would need help in the airport upon arrival. If our donations come Thur for us, we will have about 200 lbs of checked goods that will have to be transported to the orphanage. Our 3rd update to our home study was sent into USCIS yesterday, it should arrive Monday, it basically just approves us for up to 3yr old child, if our daughter turns 2 before we travel, there could be issues. I also requested new fingerprints be ordered, Court date is March 16, our fingerprints expire mid April. That's too close for my comfort. I know that many are starting to read and follow our story. It would be nice to hear from you, who are you? maybe a short introduction, are you adopting, thinking about it?? Love to hear from more of you.


Corinne said...

Hi Ann,I found your blog a couple months ago when you recieved your referral from AA.We too are adopting but,from their Kyrgyzstan program.I am enjoying reading about your journey to your daughter and how fast your process has gone.Blessings as you continue your journey!

TJ said...

You know we're with you in every way - I love your leadership in all the questions we want to ask, all the donations we want to accumulate, all the weight we'd like to lose, and all the joy we get to share in your experience. I hope that our shared joy will be something we can share in all the years to come. So looking forward to your homecoming!
With much excitement,