Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Penny for your thoughts

If you could read my mind, hear my thoughts what would they be? About 1000 times a day, is she ok?, Hungry, cold, will she bond with us? How will our flight be, will I get travel sickness? Will we make all our flights, will our case pass thur court the first time? Will she be a happy person? Is she afraid, all new faces in the new orphanage, what is going on in her little head. Can I rock her to sleep the first night or will she arch her back to be put down? If she goes to a Dr. will they use clean tools to check her out? How will our kids manage with us going away for about a week, I will miss them so much. Will we come home safe. I will dread the jet lag coming home, trying to get back into a normal routine. I hope the company's and contacts I have made this week will come through with enough donations to fill 4 tubs of much needed items. Will we get any "free" time in Ehtiopia to see the country some?