Wednesday, December 31, 2008

News for the New Year!

March 16th! That is the date our case will be heard in court. I just pray that it passes the first time, that everything is in order with no delays. So far its been a very smooth process, still holding on tight! Its still a long wait, I asked our agency a few questions...waiting on a reply, my questions were like: When can we apply for our Visa? Will our daughters age matter compared to what our home study says, will our fingerprints have to be updated. We have been back and forth a few times with USCIS in changes ect, so I have sort of lost track on when things expire or have to be renewed. It all boils down to trusting that our agency will sweat the details! Ok, the details I know: After court the adopiton decree is registered at the Women's Minstery in Ethiopia, Birth Certificate is registered at Foreign Affairs, Staff will get her a passport, documents will be transulated into English, Medical Exam is done at the US Embassy, Bloodwork is done again, Everything is sent to the US Embassy for approval, then TRAVEL SCHEDULED!


TJ said...

March 16 - wow - that's a bit of a wait for court and then you'll wait for the embassy appt to travel - is that how this will work? I hope it goes very quickly for you all!

I am so glad to hear that your process is moving forward!

Aunt Mo said...

Good luck for keeping countdown going as is and for the court procedure to go smoothly. I'll be keeping track to see how things go.