Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Doctor is in...

I arrived at 7:30 am to complete my 550 question evaluation. I entered the building and went down several wrong halls, glass overpasses to only end up where I started! Normally that would be ok, but remember I was shelping a good 50 lbs of apples, "think I pulled my hip out". The test took over 2 hours. Towards the end I found the test very intrusive; the questions were out of this world. Who the heck would even think about the topics of questions I was asked. Maybe a "Jeffery Dalmer". A sample question: Do you ever see animals in a room and no one else sees them? Trust me it got alot more weird than that. Regardless I am in "normal" range, so happy to hear this! So my poor, sweet husband is now taking his exam, heheheh. Not funny,,,but yes funny.


TJ said...

I'm glad to hear your "normal". I don't know how things will go for me, I may have gotten off on the wrong foot with the psychologist. He said his name was Dr. Ward - I wasn't clear on the last letter, so I asked W-A-R-D (as in dog?)- He said how about D, like in David, that sounds a little better. Whoops! We were unable to arrange to get our evaluations done for less than $300 per person - I sure hope we're "normal" too.

One more step underway. Yeay!